New review in Quill & Quire April 2013

Quill & Quire April 2013My review of Masham Means Everything, by Kanina Dawson (Coteau Books, 2013) is in Quill & Quire‘s April 2013 issue.

I’m super excited. I love Q&Q, and always check out their latest reviews and industry news. In this issue, particularly the story about the collapse of Douglas & McIntyre and where that leaves things. In honour of Poetry Month, there are reviews of 10 poetry titles, and it’s incredible to be even a small part of that.

I feel like my review could have easily been double the length, there was so much I wanted to get into that I seemed to only hinted at. Sometimes it’s quite a challenge for me, cutting out everything but the most essential to fit an allotted word count. Either way, it was a really interesting first collection, check it out.

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