Nine years of blogging

It occurred  on the weekend that I’ve been blogging for nine years this April. Which is this month. April 16th to be exact. Which is today. I’m having a Keanu moment here. ((Whoa.))

Ancient History

to me I first started blogging on April 16th, 2000. After a couple of friends joined LiveJournal, I did too. It was a personal blog filled with updates about my life, what I was reading, and doing, with a few things that were a little more in-depth, but mostly I treated it as a journal.

LJ had provided a space for a small, but tight-knit community, and it was a great way to keep in contact with friends who had begun to spread across the country, and the world. It’s changed hands several times since then, and I still maintain the account to read the journals of friends who continue to post there, but I’ve since formed other outlets and no longer post there.

Recent History

On October 31st, 2007 I launched, a blog dedicated to exploring esoteric philosophy, alternative religions and spiritualities and similar topics. Over the past three years, it’s become a place to share thoughts and reflections on esoteric subjects, and promote new and innovative works in esoteric art, literature and culture. has featured several guest bloggers, all of whom were excellent, and I’m really proud of the community that’s building around it. We’ve even recently launched an esoteric book club which is just starting to get its feet.

Here and Now

I launched this site,, in 2008, posting only occasionally as I was already quite taken with Facebook, Twitter, etc., ah, and my other blog. ((I have two other websites as well, and, but they’re more or less static sites. This post is about blogging.)) I’ve started using it more recently, and I intend to continue to do so, expanding it from the half-hearted personal blog it’s been, to encompass more about Stuff Wot I Like, which, hopefully, will also be Stuff Wot Interests You, too.

So what will that look like?

The Future

My tag line describes a few main interests in three very short sentences:

She reads. She writes. She codes.

This means bookish talk: what I’m reading, reviews ((I’ve been reviewing books for magazines and websites since 2004. Oh dear. I’m starting to feel old.)) and commentary, as well as what I’m writing and – hopefully – getting published and where. Fun bibliophilic stuff. Hot.

The coding…I’m not doing much freelance web design anymore. ((Or any, really. Though I started building websites in 1996, I haven’t been taking outside contracts for quite a while now.)) This may translate into blogging more about social media – what’s out there, what’s worth looking in to, and what tools can help make keeping up with all this stuff a lot easier. That sort of thing. Still related to web development, but taking it from a different angle.

I’ve learned a lot about writing and about myself and about how I present myself through writing via the blogs I’ve written for over the years, but I don’t often look back and reflect on where that’s brought me, and that’s something I’d like to do more of.

I’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy into these blogs, and I still enjoy it. So I must be doing something right.

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