Shelf Life: June 2013

Shelf Life: June 2013 Another month, another eclectic mix.

In Search of Duende, by Federico García Lorca74. In Search of Duende, by Federico García Lorca
(New Directions, 2010)

A combination of poetry, and essays which felt a bit over my head. This probably shouldn’t have been my first introduction to Lorca.

75. Gwendolyn MacEwan, Vol 2, by Gwendolyn MacEwan
(Exile Editions, 2001)

This series of short, reasonably priced books serve as an introduction to MacEwan’s work, with poetry, prose poems, and novel excerpts.

The introductory essays to each book are also great, very helpful in situating those unfamiliar with her work on MacEwan’s place in the Canadian poetry scene.

Chris Eaton: A Biography, a novel by Chris Eaton76. Chris Eaton: A Biography, a novel by Chris Eaton
(Bookthug, 2013)

A wonderful novel-as-biography of the various Chris Eatons of the world.

Rave review forthcoming in Broken Pencil.

77. Short Haul Engine, by Karen Solie
(Brick Books, 2011)

Solie’s first rock star break out poetry collection.

78. Archive of the Undressed, by Jeanette Lynes
(Wolsak and Wynn, 2012)

Taking inspiration from skin mags, Lynes writes dirty.

The Polymers, by Adam Dickinson79.  The Polymers, by Adam Dickinson
(House of Anansi Press, 2013)

80. What’s the Score?, by David McFadden
(Mansfield Press, 2012)

It won this year’s Griffin Prize for Poetry, so how could I but check it out? Good stuff.

81.  Midnight Salvage: Poems, 1995-1998, by Adrienne Rich
(W. W. Norton & Company, 1999)

82. Cottonopolis, by Rachel Lebowitz
(Pedlar Press, 2013)

83. Modern and Normal, by Karen Solie
(Brick Books, 2005)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, Vol. 384. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9, Vol. 3, by Jane Espenson
(Dark Horse, 2013)

I’m such a sucker for this comic. Solid writing, yet again.

Willow’s still MIA. Though, as I understand it, she’s getting her own standalone graphic novel this fall. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

85. Spike, by Peter David
(IDW Publishing, 2006)

Surprisingly good. The Spike comics have been hit or miss – and mostly miss, but this collection of three stories is really tight. I especially loved the Spike and Halfrek back story, which was only hinted at in the show. Really well done.

86. Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes, by Daniel L Everett
(Pantheon, 2008)

Our book club’s pick for June. Unfortunately, we still haven’t met to talk about it, and it’s already August. It looks like we won’t meet to discuss it until September now.

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