The perfect red wine?

I like fancy dinner parties, and I like my wines to be well dressed too, so when I saw wine capes at the store I had to buy them.

Though likely intended as a Hallowe’en decoration, I use them year round. Vampires are always fashionable. ((Notice the lack of sparkle. Bling – yes, sparkle – no.))

A very thoughtful friend brought this back from Edmonton, of all places. Apparently the LCBO doesn’t carry it. To have this corrected, write to them here.

I love the idea, and the wine’s not bad either. Very fruity.

Vampire Vineyards is located in sunny California, and seems to have a vested interest in vampire literature and culture.

We tried the Cabernet Sauvignon, but they also make vampire coffee and Dracola. I kid you not.

I’m (un)dying to try out some of their other wines.

In other news…

I’ve been serving as a juror on a civil case for the past two and a half weeks. We have a brief three day break, then I go back for (at least) another week, so things are likely to be relatively quiet here and on Twitter for the next little bit.

I know it’s my civic duty and whatnot, but it is taking a large chunk of time away from my work, which is discouraging. So it goes.

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