University of Guelph

Going to the University of Guelph in fall 2019

I just accepted the offer from the University of Guelph for Master of Arts program, which is a part of the Tri-University Graduate Program in History, and I’m pretty excited about it.

Thanks to some transfer credits from Ryerson University, I will be completing an Honours Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Historical Studies and Art History, and a minor in the History of Religions from U of T this spring.

Three years ago, I applied to the University of Toronto almost on a lark, and after studying with some great professors, I came to love historical studies. I enjoyed my time there, but the advice I have received suggests that it’s best to get my degrees from different institutions, rather than remain at the same one, so though I also got into U of T’s MA program, Guelph is a better fit. (For a lot of reasons, really.) Plus, I’ll have the opportunity to study with a professor whose work I respect the heck out of, and she’s agreed to supervise my major paper, and that is an honour I simply can’t pass up.

I am interested in proto-queer studies in late medieval and early modern Europe, as well as material and visual culture. I’ve had the opportunity to speak and publish on these topics at the undergraduate level, but this will deepen my studies and further hone my academic skills. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do this, and the support of my partner in all things.

So, this fall I will begin my Masters at the University of Guelph. Wish me luck!

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