Web design terminology

Chris Coyier over at CSS-Tricks.com has written a seriously needed breakdown of web design terminology from something as basic as “browser” (you know, the thing you’re viewing this website with), to seemingly made up ones like “borked” that no-one’s ever heard of before (apparently it’s a verb meaning wonky).

I love that half the comments are devoted to new opportunities (hey! DNS was missed!) while the other half is devoted to praise and correcting his markup.

All in all it’s a great resource for anyone who’s involved with web design or producing web content in any way shape or form. Bookmark it, send the link to your clients, your friends, your mom, your dog (your cat already knows).

It’d be so cool if everyone understood this stuff. Perhaps that’s just be the web nerd in me.

Read it at “Web Nerd Terminoloy (Explained)“.

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