Working from home with a kitten

Lydia with mousie

Pictured left is my kitten, Lydia, patiently waiting for me to throw her mousie for the kazillionth time. And by patiently, I mean she will wait a few seconds before resulting to the tactics outlined by The Oatmeal in Cat vs Internet. He gets it. Perfectly.

Cats will try anything – anything – to get your attention.¬† (Lydia looks adorable in her Batcat costume, though it’s still a bit big for her.)

A few days after we got her she began to teach us fetch. At first we thought it was a fluke, but Lydia’s kept it up – accompanied with death defying acrobatics. ((So engrossed in her mousie, she often leaps without looking first if there’s a place to land. It’s a good thing kittens are made of rubber.))

Here’s a minute and a half of Lyd playing fetch. This is take 2342903849 so she’s a bit sleepy by the end.

Lydia is nine months old as of today, and I love her to bits, but when I want to get any work done I must close the door, or risk attack for not paying enough attention. My furniture suffers for it, but there’s art in suffering, so I win out in the end, right?

Back to work.

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