Banana jam? Is that a thing?

Dude, it’s totally a thing. I know. I had no idea either. At the beginning of the month Kim came over and we made pickled beets. Yesterday we made banana pistachio jam. I the recipe in Jody Vassallo’s Preserving Basics, which, I admit, I initially bought for the pretty pictures of food. It’s a part of the […]

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Beet It

Kim wanted to learn how to can, so I invited her over on Thursday and we pickled some beets. The recipe we used was a slightly modified version of beets with fennel found in We Sure Can, which is an excellent recipe book compiled by Sarah B Hood. The most challenging part of canning is finding the

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I’m a city girl, and my husband does most of the grocery shopping, so when I went to the St Jacob’s farmers’ market with my BFF, Jo, last weekend, I was amazed to discover a whole new variety of fruits and vegetables that I never knew existed. Among them, the mighty pluot. ((Pronounced plu-ot.)) Pluots are a

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Shelf Life: June 2011

Happy Canada Day, kids! I love it when it falls on a Friday and we get an extra long weekend in the summer. I mentioned yesterday how I’d like to get more social in regards to books and reading – normally such a solitary activity – so I’m going to try a new series I’m calling Shelf

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The perfect red wine?

I like fancy dinner parties, and I like my wines to be well dressed too, so when I saw wine capes at the store I had to buy them. Though likely intended as a Hallowe’en decoration, I use them year round. Vampires are always fashionable. ((Notice the lack of sparkle. Bling – yes, sparkle – no.)) A

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Recipe for Riz Aleister Crowley

Crowley calls this recipe a “Poem of Spring,” and I decided to have a go at it for our Winter Solstice Feast. This picture was taken with cold leftovers afterwards, which, while delicious, didn’t photograph particularly well. Sorry. The recipe was posted on Coilhouse, where guest blogger S. Elizabeth dug up found and shared it, I’ve included

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