How to Dry Herbs – The Super Easy Way

Growing oregano, lavender, rosemary, bay, and most herbs is pretty simple – they pretty much grow themselves. For a novice gardener like myself, it’s very encouraging, and it’s wonderfully easy to wander into the garden and grab a handful to throw into any meal. But the season will be over soon. My blueberry bush is already turning […]

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Shelf Life: August 2012

Very brief comments on a lengthy list of books read in August. A banner month. 101. The History of Tattooing, by  Wilfrid Dyson Hambly (Dover, reprinted 2009) I love tattoos. At the time I read this I had only two, but for months I had been looking for an artist to complete my third and fourth. As I

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Writing advice, reviewing advice, and a new pic of Emily Dickinson

After going to St Jacob’s Market last Thursday, I spent the next few days canning up a storm. I made several dozen jars of spicy dill spears, bread and butter pickles, pickled jalapeños, blueberry jam, strawberry vanilla jam, plain strawberry jam, peach plum ginger jam, brandied peaches, and on Wednesday I had another, more successful, go at

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St Jacob’s Market Bounty

I haven’t been to St Jacob’s Market since last October, and I may have over done it. It’s just difficult to resist so much fresh Ontario produce at such great prices. All this stuff on the left? About sixty bucks. I bought, spiralling clockwise from the top, pickling cucumbers, two loaves of olive bread and a pumpernickel

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Bread and Butter Pickles

Cucumbers have been doing really well in my garden. They’re pickling cucumbers, and I finally had enough to can, so yesterday I made bread and butter pickles using this recipe from Simply Recipes. I only had the cucs on ice for 3 hours instead of 4, and I added slightly more chili pepper flakes than the recipe

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