Shelf Life: Janaury 2012

I’ve never really set targets for my reading before, beyond a general expectation that I’d read at least a hundred books a year, but last year a friend pushed me to challenge myself to commit to 150. According to Goodreads I surpassed it, but according to my own count I read 135. I read twenty-seven graphic novels […]

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Shelf Life: July 2011

So, I started this little section called Shelf Life, where I write brief comments about the books I’ve read in a given month. June was the first month I did this, where I read eleven books and two graphic novels. I’m a little late in getting this up for July’s books. I’d planned to write it up

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Social networking – with books!

I’m a voracious reader, and I love sharing what I’ve read, as you may have noticed. So, I’m already on LibraryThing (plutopsyche), which is a neat site for cataloguing books, and finding out who’s got what. They’ve got an Early Reviewers program, where they give away review copies of thousands of books each month. I haven’t tried

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