Witches & Pagans, issue 23

A review in Witches & Pagans

The latest issue of Witches & Pagans, # 23, summer 2011, contains my review of Where Do Demons Live?, by Frater U.: D.:

Witches & Pagans is an alternative spirituality magazine with a focus on nature based religions, especially on Wicca and Paganism.

The theme of this issue is “Law & Chaos”, and contains a great interview with Pagan police officer Kerr Cuhulain, as well as an article and interview with Patrick McCollum (pictured on the cover), a Pagan chaplain and activist for the rights of prison inmates to practice their faith. On the chaos side, there’s an interview with Peter Carroll, Jaq D Hawkins, and Andrieh Vitimus.

It’s a great issue, if you’re interested, you can subscribe here.

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