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QLT Project digital exhibition is live

The Queer Liberation Theory Project interviews collection is now live in as a digital exhibition on the ArQuives’ website!

The Queer Liberation Theory Project seeks to advance the public education and community development work being done in the name of queer liberation by resurrecting the principles of the historical Gay Liberation Movement, re-contextualizing them within contemporary queer discourse, translating the findings in theoretical terms, and disseminating them through various accessible multimedia platforms.

The interviews within this exhibition were part of a long-term project of Dr Nick Mulé that culminated in a feature-length documentary about queer liberation theory and its history in Canada, titled QueerEdge: From Gay to Queer Liberation.

As noted in my earlier exhibition launch notice, my involvement is more recent and has been restricted to the creation of the digital exhibition that preserves and showcases the raw interviews within the ArQuives‘ collection, as well as creating a playlist on YouTube for QueerOntario that also showcases these interviews.

Working from May through October 2019, I edited the videos for digital upload, created the exhibition’s logo, wrote the descriptions, suggested and implemented the layout, and designed and created the digital exhibition for the ArQuives’ website using Dublin Core fields on the OMEKA platform.

The exhibition includes an overview of the project with an introductory video from Dr Mulé; interviews with 40 queer academics, activists, and historians; the QueerEdge trailer; posters; a nifty infographic produced by Queer Ontario; and an early document outlining the scope of the project.

Queer Liberation Theory Project digital exhibition screen capture

The digital exhibition for the Queer Liberation Theory Project is the second that I’ve created this for the ArQuives, but the first to go live, and I’m very excited about it. I hope you enjoy it!

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