3+ Depressing blogs for writers

I’m a writer. Being depressed is good for my art.

1. Literary Rejections on Display

The blog is written by a “published, award-winning author of fiction and creative nonfiction”, who, of course, continues to receive rejection letters.

Rejection letters – both form and with commentary – are sourced from the anonymous blog author as well as reader submitted rejections. Fascinating to see how each magazine, agent and publisher responds.

2. Bo’s Cafe Life

Wayne E. Pollard illustrates this four panel comic which features several reoccurring characters solely defined by their coffee mugs. It details their struggles with their would-be profession: rejection, derision from parents, bad poetry readings. They rarely make it into print, and when they do, they’re not paid. It makes me sad

As with Dilbert, it would be funny if it wasn’t so damned accurate.

3. SlushPile Hell

On the flip side, this blog is written by a literary agent based on the  naive, wrongheaded or flat out absurd submissions they receive.

Please don’t use this as a template for your query letters. They are beyond brutal.


These last two blogs aren’t about writing in the professional sense, rather they highlight examples of common folk who just can’t seem to get it write right.

Apostrophe Abuse

Photograph’s and screenshots’ of apostrophes’ found in the unlikelies’t of place’s.

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks

I can’t read this blog without “coffee” coming out of my nose. It doesn’t matter if I’m “drinking” coffee or not – out it comes.

See what I did there? What the hell does it mean? What am I trying to hide?

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