Gettin’ my ‘erb on

Garden, May 2012

Gardening two days in a row! This may be a new record.

My boss generously gave me two tomato plant. I planted them in front of the pickling cucumbers on the left side.

I added some dark opal basil (there’s an awesome looking recipe in Grow Great Grub that I want to try), two parsley plants, dill, wild columbine, munstead lavender, and four nasturtiums (one climbing, three dwarf).

It’s starting to look good.

Mint, May 2012

At the advice of another co-worker, I uprooted the chocolate mint and planted it in its own pot.

I also purchased some black peppermint and potted it as well.

Apparently mint grows fast and likes to take over the garden, so I suppose it’s safer in its own pot, up and out of the way. Plus, easy access from the kitchen. Bonus.

I still have room for at least three more vegetabley-type things, and maybe some more herbs, but I can’t think what else to plant. Fruit sounds dangerous (birds and squirrels being the main threat), but maybe some zucchini?

Right now, I’m planting pretty much anything I can find that I’ve heard of, or sounds like it’d be good to eat. My garden is going to be delicious when it grows up. ((Hashtag vegetarian.))

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