Introducing Lydia

Lydia exploding from her carrier at the shelter

On Wednesday my husband and I visited a shelter run by Toronto Animal Services to look at the kittens available for adoption.

The closest, the South Region centre, was difficult to reach due to blockades set up for the Indy races which were happening that weekend. After circling the centre for close to half an hour, we approached some service people who let us walk across the track, dodging giant beer trucks, trucks with construction and other dubious materials.

We eventually made it of course.

We’d checked online to see what was available, and to me this little kitten looked like the cutest thing ever, and in person she turned out to be even sweeter, climbing on my shoulder, nuzzling and licking my ear. How could I not fall in love?

Mouse hunt success

I decided to name her Lydia, as it’s a name I’ve always loved. It seems to suit her.

She was extremely sleepy when we took her home, and not very well the first night.

I took her to the vet on Thursday morning, and she was proscribed antibiotics, and she seems to have recovered well. She’s still under quarantine in my study at the moment, hopefully to be released later today, once I hear back from the vet.

Her colouring is similar to Bootsy’s, though I think Lydia has more white on her, and she’s a shorthair.

Neither Bootsy nor Merlyn are terribly thrilled about their new housemate, though as Lyd is still under quarantine, and has not been properly introduced this will likely change. She’s escaped a few times, and Bootsy’s hissed, while Merl has done his usual run-away-like-a-‘fraidy-cat routine.

Cat and mouse

Lydia is sweet, but a little crazy, as kittens are.¬† She hops around on everything, and views me as her personal climbing frame and chew toy. Apparently the toy mousie, bunny, hedgehog and screwed up bits of paper just don’t compare to the wonder that is me.

She’s been interfering with my ability to sit still for more than five minutes at a time and get much work done, but – somehow – I’ve managed, with another two stories almost ready to send out. I’ll have Drew give them a read-through then make a few more corrections and hopefully send them out by the end of the week.

Exciting stuff.

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