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See me at Dark Carnival

At Dark Carnival I’ll be appearing in a panel titled Witch, Please: Myth versus Reality, on Saturday, 10 July 2016 at 12 pm in the Webster BC room.

Here’s the panel description:

Robert Eggers’ film The Witch left many a horror fan reeling when it hit theatres this past March, sparking a renewed interest in the history of witchcraft and the occult through the ages. But what does it mean to be a “real” witch in 2016, and how do films like The Witch, The Craft and many others affect the popular perception of real-life witch magick and practice? Featuring SALAKO KALFOU, founder of the Occult Research Bureau, NICO-MARA McKAY, practicing occultist, writer and editor of the alternative spiritualities/practical magick journal Spiral Nature, and APRIL SNELLINGS, staff writer at Rue Morgue Magazine. Moderated by Rue Morgue’s ALISON LANG.

Where: The Webster BC room at the Hamilton Convention Centre, 1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, Ontario

When: Sunday, 10 July 2016 @ 12 pm

Also check out the full listing of panels for Dark Carnival. There’s a lot of cool stuff happening at the expo.

Dark Carnival runs from Saturday 9 July 2016 starting at 10 am, through Sunday 10 July 2016 and concludes at 5 pm.

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