Adventures with Jude: Day 2

Jude, lounging

Since we started boarding Jude, I’ve made it a habit to leave the cage door open while I’m in the room, in case she wants to hop around the room to get more exercise.

Friends came over last night to pick us up on our way to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, ((As the brand is not overly precious to me, I didn’t mind the film, though I’ve had friends say they’ve walked out on it, which seems a little excessive.)) and we played with Jude for a bit, as much as we can, with the rabbit still hiding in the cage. Several times it looked like she might make the leap and hop about the room, but no such luck.

That changed today.

Bunny on the run

Today Jude stepped out for a quick jaunt around the cage, then hopped back in. She was out for perhaps a total of forty-five seconds. I suppose she feels safest there.

The new challenge today was cleaning the cage, which after a single day, already smells quite ripe.

My mother was right to deny my sister a bunny when she was younger. It would have been too much work for her to manage alone. They can get really stinky, really quickly.

Drew helping with Jude

Fortunately, I had help.

The rabbit seemed quite reluctant to leave its cage, and did not like me picking it up to move it to the floor when I needed to remove the litter.

Not as bad as cleaning cat litter, but not pleasant, by any stretch of the imagination.

Cage clean and set up as she likes it, and she hid in her house for a quarter of an hour.

Clean! For now...

Jude’s soft and a lovely colour. She likes to be pet.

And bunnies are cute, sure, I’ll give you that. Even so, I have the feeling that this routine is going to get old very quickly.

She doesn’t respond to any noises. No clicks, kissy noises – not even her name.

She barely leaves her cage, and if she does, there’s a danger she may chew things. (Like my books!)

She can’t purr.

Bootsy studies the wildlife

My sister is afraid of Jude, which is unreasonable; she’s a sweet bunny. Her boyfriend thinks she’s the bees knees.

I’m trying to see the attraction here.

The cats don’t seem to get it either.

Merlyn’s still terrified of her (for no obvious reason), and Bootsy can only muster interest for seconds at a time before wandering off.

Frankly Bootsy seems to prefer bird watching.

I don’t blame her. At least they make noise and flit around.

Six more days to go…

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