Jude Makes a Mess (and worse…): Day 5

Jude is not a good bunny

I’ve called this post “Jude Makes a Mess”, but could also be titled “The Day It Got Old”.

I’ve had a very long day at work and a long session at the gym (but a gay and carefree cycle home, bulldozing past cars, merrily disregarding traffic rules). All I wanted to do was shower, then write for a bit.

As soon as I opened the door to my office I hit The Dread Wall of Bunny Stink.

I clean Jude’s cage every day. I have no idea how she does it. But it’s gross and I wish she would stop.

Jude sucks

So, I clean the cage. Jude romps around and hides underneath the armchair. Cage is shiny and new (like Andrew).

Before I’ve even put the wire top back on the cage Jude has hopped in, freaked out for no apparent reason (the cats were both downstairs, and besides, they don’t scare her) and trashed her newly cleaned cage. Shavings everywhere.

Bad bunny.

So I clean everything up again while she gets in my way, then hides again under the chair. When she comes out I have to chase her around the cage before she’ll go in. Finally, shower-time.

I can’t wait to give this bunny back.

Three days and she’s gone…

Die bunny, die


So, I foolishly let Jude out again to give her some exercise, keeping my eye on her.

For the past four days she’s been very dull, just hopping around between her cage and the bookcase, or simply sitting still at the back of her cage.

Not today.

Today she decides it’d be fun to chew my bookcase. Two big chunks missing. The wood is split. Not a good move.

It took a few minutes of throwing the bunny back in its cage, swearing and threatening to kill it before Drew reminded me that I’d agreed to watch the rabbit. I knew it might chew things. (But not this. Not my bookcases!)

Jude, kiddo, you’ve now confined yourself to the cage for the duration of your stay at Casa Mara-McKay. You may hop around¬† in the bathtub while I clean your cage, but from now on, you’re not coming out. (Stupid jerk.)

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