Jude Scares an Orange (again): Day 4

Jude plays peek-a-boo

Slight problem with the water bottle today.

My sister’s boyfriend warned me about it, but I thought it was working. It wasn’t, and I came home to a very thirsty rabbit.

Merlyn hung around for a bit chasing (and then eating) stray bits of hay that escaped Jude’s cage. He really, really likes it.

After much water guzzling, Jude decided it was time for her daily hop around the cage. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth between the cage and the bookcases. Rarely actually venturing out into the wider room.  Thrilling pet. Really.

Orange backs away

Though, of course, as soon as she stuck her head out of the cage Merlyn bolted.

Hiding behind Bootsy, Merlyn watched Jude hop about from the hallway.

Once she was safely in her cage again (albeit with the door open), the cats came back in the room. Until she moved.

Then Merlyn was gone again. Poor little orange freak.

By the time these cats get used to having a bunny in the house Jude will be returning home to her human parents.

Four days to go…

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