Jude the Nefarious: Day 6

Jude, caged

After yesterday’s Bad Day I wanted to leave Jude (aka The Stupid Rabbit) caged for the remainder of her time here, but Drew thought that wouldn’t be very nice.

Especially as she really, really wanted out.

I guess she’s used to it here now. Humph.

I allowed that Jude could come out Рbriefly! Рif Drew watched  her every twitch.

While Drew was keeping an eye on Jude, she was up to her (three day) old tricks again, hopping around behind the cage…where (some of) the bookcases are.

Drew observes the Grey

Dutifully, when this (inevitably) happened Drew did leap out of his chair and try to nudge her back in the other direction, but she just hopped back in her cage again. A short jaunt. Lock that door. Tough carrots, bunny.

No matter what I do, seconds after I sweep up after the rabbit, there’s shavings on the floor again.

I have the feeling I’m going to be finding shavings in my office for days after I get rid of this wretched creature.

Two days…!

I am assuming that they’re coming by on Saturday. What if…what if it’s not until Sunday…?

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