Jude Goes Home: Day 8

Miraculously, my sister called and said they’d come home a day early. Apparently it did nothing in Ottawa but rain for a solid week. Ottawa’s boring in the sunshine, too, but it seemed to be the rain that killed it for them. Jordan seemed very happy to see Jude again. (In fact, that might even be a […]

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Jude the Wily: Day 7

On day 1 I still getting used to the idea of Jude and rabbit-sitting, but already by day 2 I was trying to see what Jordan saw in her. (The rabbit, not my sister. Though that’s another topic entirely…) I still don’t think I get it. So I’ve compiled a list of the favourable attributes of a

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Jude the Nefarious: Day 6

After yesterday’s Bad Day I wanted to leave Jude (aka The Stupid Rabbit) caged for the remainder of her time here, but Drew thought that wouldn’t be very nice. Especially as she really, really wanted out. I guess she’s used to it here now. Humph. I allowed that Jude could come out – briefly! – if Drew

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Jude makes a friend: Day 3

Monday. Bunny was home all day by herself, shut in my office. When I returned home and opened my office door the cats rushed in, as they hate shut doors. Jude must have been lonely, because she seemed to perk up when I opened her cage to pet her. The cats sniffed the cage warily, but Jude

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